60 Years of Christ, Caring and Community

10th Sunday of Pentecost

Speaker: David Johnsen

August 9, 2020

David Johnsen


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              Life’s Storms and What We Can Learn From Them

1. There are all kinds of storms in life; and when we face storms, the
    most common question we ask is, “Why?”

2. There are a number of principles we can learn, using the image of a
    storm in our lesson, that will help us make sense out of storms when
    they start to blow in our lives.

3. he first thing we can learn from our lesson is, you can run into a
   storm, just by being obedient to God.

4. Jesus promises that He will meet us right in the midst of the storm.
    However, sometimes He will let us ride out a storm, for a while,
    before He steps in.

5. We should not get so focused on the storms in our lives, that we don’t
    recognize Jesus when He comes to help.

6. Sometimes God allows storms to come into our lives in order for Him
    to be able to speak to us in a way we that we might not hear in the

7. Sometimes what God shows us in a storm is that what you thought
    was one of your greatest strengths is going to turn out to be a
    hindrance for you

8. Through storms, God is going to show us who we really are and who
    He really is to us. 

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