60 Years of Christ, Caring and Community

12th Sunday of Pentecost

Speaker: Keith Jaroslow

August 23, 2020

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                                        Our Part, God’s Part




  1. We CAN and we SHOULD have hope in God and confidence in Him.



  1. We may not understand His WHY or His HOW but we know that He is good, He loves us and that He sent His Son to save us from our fallen world and sinful nature if we choose to accept His gift.



  1. He has His job and we have ours.  He calls us to do our job. How often do we not do our job so that we can try to do His?



  1. I can only be trustworthy to do my job if I have hope and confidence in God. 



  1. I know that God wins in the end.  Justice will ultimately be done and justice will be seen to be done.



  1. God has given us the tools and talents but He expects us to use them.


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