60 Years of Christ, Caring and Community

9th Sunday of Pentecost

Speaker: David Johnsen

August 2, 2020

David Johnsen


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How to Feed God's World


1.  The miracle of feeding the 5,000 had to be one of Jesus' greatest miracles; it's recorded in all four gospels.


2.  Another miracle happens when Jesus lets his disciples know that they are a necessary  part of His feeding ministry.


3.   We today, like the disciples, see the task of feeding the world to be overwhelming. Jesus wants us to believe it's possible.


4.  God created a rich world, which means God provided for us the resources to carry out      His task of feeding the world. God never gives anyone a task without provided what is needed to carry it out.


5.  The secret is that when we know there's an overwhelming task to be accomplished, we  need to focus on God and not on the task.

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