60 Years of Christ, Caring, and Community

How To Be Family

Speaker: David Johnsen

October 3, 2021

David Johnsen


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  1. What is it that distinguishes happy people from unhappy people?


  1. Deep, meaningful relationships are what make people happy!


  1. God created us for community. He made us in His image in order to give us the capacity to have meaningful relationships. 


  1. The Gospel writer, Mark, talks about divorce as the breaking up of God’s original plan for relationships.


  1. In His creation, God demonstrates His idea of relationships and calls it “Agape”, which is something that happens when people are connected and become family as God intended.


  1. God is still able to lay out his plan using dysfunctional, messed up families!


  1. We forget how much the world needs God’s kind of family.


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