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"The Culture of Complaint"

  1. The ancient Israelites found themselves afflicted with a different kind of plague, but one just as contagious as any flu.  They had come down with a bad case of complaining.   

  1. God satisfied their needs, but it seems the people just could not be content.   


  1. “We live in a culture in which we perceive ourselves as being entitled to having all our wants and desires fulfilled as part of our American birthright.  And when that doesn’t happen, we think of ourselves as “victims.”  We whine and complain and grumble.” - Robert Hughes, The Culture of Complaint 


  1. When we get dissatisfied with life and disappointed with God, we show it through our grumbling and our complaining.    


  1. God always has a loving purpose for our lives, but sometimes He tests us in order to make us more mature     spiritually.   


  1. God loves to provide for us and He’ll continue to provide for us in the future.   



Speaker: David Johnsen

March 15, 2020

David Johnsen


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